Unfortunately, there are many businesses that make understanding their terms and conditions difficult which can lead to you signing up to a contract that you don’t fully comprehend.

You can be lured in by introductory offers and deals that seem attractive and cost-effective but in the long-term don’t turn out that way and the contracts can leave you trapped as they are hard to get out of.

Which sectors should you be cautious of?

There are many businesses that offer services and products that are designed to look after elements of your business needs and obligations, such as clinical and hygiene waste, photocopying, franking and telecoms to name a few.

Not all of these businesses have unfair practices but there are a number who do in each of these sectors that create a reputation for them all. It can be hard to discover and work out which businesses truly offer the best deal for you in both the initial period and the longer-term due to the way that they sell themselves to you.

What can you do to protect yourself?

There are many things that can help you to protect yourself which include ensuring that you fully understand the contract that you are signing and if you don’t, don’t sign it. Do some research on the business, see what others have to say about them on review sites like Trustpilot, and seek out recommendations from other businesses that have used them for some time.

You can also seek help from a procurement expert like ourselves if you don’t have the time or resources to do the due diligence yourself.

Let us take the pain away

As procurement experts, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of reviewing contracts, we understand the practices of these types of businesses and we know from experience which businesses use unfair practices. We can remove the pain of changing supplier, seeking out the best deal and ensuring that you get a fair contract.

We can review the contracts that you have and make suggestions where we think you can get a better deal. We are Cost Management Specialists and we specialise in helping businesses of all kinds to optimise their business expenditure costs across over 40 different categories.

But our service is not just about cost reduction (which is a key part of our offering for most clients) as we also assist our clients with:

  • Analysis of their business expenditure and cost reduction
  • Ongoing monitoring of consumption where the volumes you use impact on the price, such as energy, water, telecoms and photocopying
  • Invoice validation to check that invoices are correct, particular for energy and telecoms
  • Benchmarking expenditure to ensure you are getting the best deal for your business
  • In-depth bespoke management reporting where required

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