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Tips and Trends for claiming R&D Tax Credits & reducing your business costs

The road to a greener business

There has been a lot of focus from the government on how businesses should be contributing to the net-zero carbon targets if the UK is to meet their goal by 2050. Businesses in the UK are responsible for 18% of the country’s carbon emissions but it’s not just that...

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2017-18 R&D tax credit statistics

HMRC has today released the latest batch of figures for the R&D tax credit scheme. And although the figures do not give a complete picture of 2017-18 claims due to the nature of when businesses can claim these tax credits, all indications are that the number and...

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Rewarding engineering innovation

The UK has an established background in engineering innovation from the invention of the steam engine through to iconic buildings and structures over the centuries. However, what many probably don’t consider is the level of innovation that was needed and how the...

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Cycling towards performance improvement

Next month sees our hometown of Harrogate hosting the UCI Road World Championship which is the latest of the cycling event being held in the region. Competitive sports like cycling use analytical techniques to help the athletes to improve their performance and test...

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Do you have escalating tail spend?

Tail spend is a term used for low-value purchases that companies make which are normally made up of many purchases from a range of suppliers. These purchases can account for approximately 20% of the business’ total spend and a large proportion of the suppliers that a...

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