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R&D tax credit calculator

Our R&D tax credit calculator enables you to estimate the potential corporation tax relief that your business could be eligible for.

Just enter the amount you have spent on research and development activity along with the number of employees and whether you are profitable or not.

Qualifying expenditure is amount your business has spent on salaries, externally provided workers, subcontractors, software, utilities and materials ‘consumed or transformed’ for eligible projects.

Once you’ve entered the relevant data, the calculator will then give you an estimate of the potential size of your R&D tax credit claim.

This calculator should only be used as a guide and not as the basis for submitting a claim. It is based on your estimate of your R&D costs and certain assumptions have been made in the calculations. We recommend that you engage with a specialist to review the work you have done to make sure you identify all qualifying projects and all eligible costs.

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