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What are R&D Tax Credits?

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits were introduced in 2000 to reward UK companies for investing in innovation.

There is an SME scheme for businesses with fewer than 500 staff and either less than €100m turnover or €86m gross assets, and a separate one for larger businesses.

Profitable SMEs can expect about 25% of their R&D costs back. If the SME makes a loss, you can expect about 33% back.

Larger companies can typically get up to 10% of their R&D costs back.

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Are we eligible for R&D Tax Credits?

All too often companies exclude themselves from the scheme because of their perceptions of Research & Development.  HMRC’s definition of R&D is far broader than most people’s perception. This means there are plenty of organisations that are currently missing out on this valuable tax benefit, which averaged in excess of £54,000 per claim for the SME scheme in 2017.

No industry should discount themselves from the scheme.  In fact, if your business makes a product (hard or soft), or has subcontracted any development work, it is worth having a discussion with us about your potential eligibility.

How we work

Our service is designed to take as little of your time as possible, whilst providing the maximum financial benefit.  We take care of everything for you and so following an initial phone conversation to identify broad eligibility, one of our technical consultants will  discuss your work in detail.  We’ll then compile all aspects of your claim (financial and technical narrative) and submit it to HMRC.  If HMRC have any questions they’ll ask us, but we prefer to anticipate this and provide enough information in the first place!

Once your claim is submitted it typically takes 6 weeks for you to get your payment, and only when you’ve received it will we charge you. So your cashflow won’t be affected by the process.

Partners & Introducers

At TEQ Group we already work in partnership with a growing number of Accountancy practices, professional service companies and trade bodies to support their clients and contacts in making robust R&D tax relief claims.

Why not join our team of partners & introducers who utilise our service to help their own clients and contacts achieve Research & Development tax relief?

TEQ Group's Expertise

TEQ Group is a team of technical consultants who have been working with clients and their accountants since 2012. We have experience working in R&D Tax Boutiques and as Technical R&D Consultants to a Top 5 Accountancy Practice, so you can see that we bring many years of experience to the table.,

One important point to make is that our experts come from technical backgrounds, not from accountancy. That means they are quick to understand what a business is doing and how it qualifies for R&D Tax Credits. This is something that other tax professionals tend to struggle with.

TEQ Group works to ensure that you get the full benefit of the R&D Tax Credits you are entitled to. We have a thorough understanding of the legislation that authorises these credits, and our skills complement those of your existing accounting team in many ways.

We build a deep understanding of what your business does and precisely how you go about it. We find the qualifying R&D efforts that you are already making, which are surprisingly easy for non-experts to miss.

To date, TEQ Group consultants have a 100% success rate with claiming R&D Tax Credits for both SME’s and Large Companies. This includes quite a few businesses which had self-excluded or had been told they were ineligible by other professionals.

Most importantly, we keep the claim process easy and efficient so that our clients can concentrate on what they are good at – running their business!

Our Credentials

  • 100% success rate
  • Contingent based payment on results
  • No set-up fees or expenses charged
  • No long-term tie-ins
  • Extensive technical expertise

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