R&D Tax Credit Partnership Programme

Partnerships with TEQ Group

In addition to working directly with end clients, we often work in partnership with accountants, professional firms, trade bodies and other introducers. This arrangement lets us focus on what we do best – the technical aspects of identifying and securing R&D tax relief – whilst you and your client can carry on with as little interference or trouble as possible.

Why should you partner with TEQ Group?

This is the classic ‘everybody wins’ scenario. The client takes advantage of tax relief they may not have even known was available, and pays our fee out of that relief. You get a referral fee from us, and your client is even happier with the services you do for them.

  • You enhance your relationship with existing clients

Your clients receive the R&D tax credits they deserve, delivered with the service levels they expect, and they have you to thank for it.

  • You improve your clients’ cash flow

The ability to unlock hidden cash for your clients is pretty much the ‘holy grail for accountants. They could claim back up to 33.35% of their R&D costs, which can be a lot more than you – or they – think.

  • You improve your own revenue stream

You simply add our service to the list of services you offer, and earn a generous commission for each successful referral.

  • You improve client retention

You avoid the danger of having your clients poached by some other firm which offers this service in-house. It is, as far as they are concerned, your service.

  • You grow your client base

We can’t stress enough how attractive these tax relief payments can be to your clients. They will refer your all-around service to their contacts, and you can use our service when pitching your own.

  • You broaden your service

This arrangement lets you offer more services with zero overhead – no need to train new staff or add new processes. We handle literally everything you don’t already do.

  • There is no risk, to you or to your clients

We operate on a contingency fee basis. We can do that in confidence because we have a 100% success rate, with no claims ever having been rejected.

  • We even offer marketing assistance

We can help you market this service to both your existing clients and to new prospects.

How does a partnership with TEQ Group actually work?

At TEQ Group we work in partnership with accountancy practices just like yours, helping them to identify new R&D tax credit claimants, and to increase the claims of existing claimants.

We’re flexible in our approach to partnerships because we understand that every organisation works in their own way. Here are a couple of suggestions about how we could work together.

Option 1:

  • We can review your client list and identify those that are likely to be eligible.
  • You can contact your client, advising them of the benefits of the R&D tax credit scheme and refer them to us.
  • We then contact your client and arrange an initial, no obligation, assessment to ascertain their eligibility.

Option 2:

  • If you are comfortable making R&D claims in straightforward scenarios we can assist you with more complex and intricate claims.
  • You can simply refer clients to us on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Once referred we will contact your client for an initial, no obligation assessment to ascertain their eligibility.

Option 3:

  • In addition to either of the above scenarios, we can also work pro-actively with you to attract and acquire new clients for your practice.
  • Where you believe a prospect has the potential to claim R&D Tax Credits, we are happy to attend those prospect meetings with you. This allows you to use our service to win new clients.

In all the above scenarios we can either work with your clients as TEQ Group or White Label our service, so your clients see us as part of your team.

We also welcome your attendance at any client meeting – you might be surprised what other relevant information you may gain from our meetings!

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